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Ontario Election 2014

  1. Dental health as a part of OHIP

  2. Why are we afraid to try policies that haven’t been tried? (guarantee: it’s been implemented successfully in Europe)

  3. The Green Party (at least!) deserves to be included in the discussion & taken seriously. I’m very tired of the arrogance of the “major parties” and the ignorance of mainstream media.

  4. We need to reimagine the election system. Candidates don’t matter, people only vote for parties/leaders. I once saw a quote something like this: “The MP(P) no longer serves the interest of constituents in parliament, but the interests of the party in their constituency.”

  5. This election is estimated to cost $90M. That could put 3099 students through 4 years of university. 

  6. Tax cuts are misleading. We need taxes.

  7. 100,000 jobs is not a small number. Each one is a person, on whom many other people most likely rely.

  8. Corporation pay scales are imbalanced. There should be a maximum ratio between lowest & highest paid positions

  9. Small businesses need to be supported. 

  10. Want to boost the economy? Raise wages!

  11. Transit: affordable, connected, rapid (it should be the default mobility choice)

  12. We need teachers. We need nurses.

  13. Support students, protect children, prioritize education.

  14. When we care for the most vulnerable, only then can we succeed. Think of others.

Great Balls of Fire!
American Pavilion on fire at Montreal World’s Fair 1967 (Expo 67), designed by Richard Buckminster Fuller (a pioneer of geodesic structures, albeit geodesics were discovered by Walther Bauersfeld). The fire occurred in 1976. - Via